In 2013, Vaidas began his career in the field of top coating. Over the years, he developed and crafted his experience working with Resin bound floors, Resin floors, polished concrete, comfort floors, decorative vinyl chips and Quartz and epoxy floors in various scaled projects from the industrial to the domestic market.

Vaidas developed collaborative and customer-orientated relationships with his clients, providing personalized service that included design, development and backup work.

Vaidas now runs his own company “Vaidas Top Coatings”, where he collaborates with many highly qualified tradesmen within his trade daily. “Vaidas Top Coatings'' offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products for seamless, durable, non-slip decorative Resin floor systems for both industrial and domestic markets. He specializes in concrete-look micro-cement work for floors, walls, stairs and ceilings.

What can “Vaidas Top coatings” offer you differently from other companies?

Vaidas Top Coatings has always loved art and design. This passion is carried into his work and creativity, offering Resin bound with a personal design. It can be something personal to the family, such as a family crest or symbol. The design process can be used in the creation of companies' branding.

Techniques such as using Micro-cement where transparent designs can be created, using various materials such as brass, copper and metal within the micro-cement to create amazing eye-catching design pieces.

Do you want to know more about our work? Check out the gallery of our work and please contact "Vaidas Top Coatings".