Experts in Applying Resin Bound Driveways, Patios and Gardens

Resin Bound Ireland Surfaces Services
Resin Bound Ireland Surfaces Services

As professionals specializing in resin bound driveways, patios, and gardens, we excel in the intricate art of installing this unique surfacing solution. Armed with profound expertise, we comprehend the materials and techniques vital for crafting enduring, visually appealing, and easy-to-maintain outdoor areas. Our mastery encompasses meticulous ground preparation, precise resin-aggregate mixing, and skillful application to create a seamless, permeable surface.

Our keen attention to detail ensures that the final result not only functions optimally but also boasts exceptional aesthetics. Beyond installation, we offer expert guidance on color selection, maintenance best practices, and troubleshooting potential issues. Since 2013, based and operating proudly in Ireland we know how to do a good job.

Transform your outdoor or indoor areas with our resin bound expertise, crafting beautiful, low-maintenance solutions to elevate your property instantly.

daltex resin bound colour collection
daltex resin bound colour collection

Resin Bound for Commercial

Elevate your hospital, shop, library, or any high-traffic area with our resin bound surfaces. At Vaidas Top Coatings we specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Our cutting-edge resin bound solutions not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also offer unmatched durability, making them perfect for areas bustling with activity.

Resin Bound for Driveways

Resin bound driveways are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance requirements. This type of driveway is created by mixing natural aggregate with a high-quality clear resin, and then carefully spreading the mixture onto a prepared base. The result is a smooth, seamless surface that is resistant to weathering and daily wear and tear.

One of the key benefits of resin bound driveways is their permeability. The gaps between the stones allow water to drain away easily, reducing the risk of puddles or flooding. This makes them an environmentally friendly option as they help to prevent surface water runoff, which can contribute to local flooding.

In terms of aesthetics, resin bound driveways offer a great deal of flexibility. Whether you prefer a natural stone effect or a more contemporary finish, there's sure to be a resin bound driveway that suits your taste.

Maintenance-wise, resin bound driveways require very little upkeep. They are resistant to weeds and do not fade or discolor under UV light. A simple sweep and occasional power wash are usually all that's needed to keep them looking their best.

Resin Bound for Patios

Resin bound patios are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable, attractive, and low-maintenance outdoor space. This type of patio is created by mixing natural aggregate with a high-quality resin binder, and then carefully spreading the mixture onto a prepared base to create a smooth, permeable surface. The result is a patio that not only looks stunning but also stands up to all kinds of weather conditions without losing its appeal.

Our patios are also environmentally friendly. The materials used are often sourced sustainably, and the permeable nature of the surface helps to support local wildlife by allowing water to reach plant roots beneath.

Resin Bound for Gardens

Resin bound gardens are particularly beneficial for homeowners who want to enhance the beauty of their outdoor spaces without compromising on practicality. The resin-bound surface is resistant to weather conditions, requires practically no maintenance, and can last for many years. It also offers excellent drainage properties, preventing the build-up of surface water and reducing the risk of flooding.

Moreover, resin bound gardens are versatile and customizable. At Vaidas Top Coatings Ireland we offer a wide range of colors and textures, allowing homeowners to create unique designs that reflect their personal style and complement their property's architecture. Whether you prefer a natural stone look or a more contemporary finish, there's a resin-bound solution to suit your taste.

Another significant advantage of resin bound gardens is their environmental friendliness. The permeable surface allows rainwater to seep through and replenish groundwater levels, promoting a healthier ecosystem. Additionally, the materials used in resin-bound paving are often sourced sustainably, contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

resin bound for commercial
resin bound for commercial
resin bound for driveways
resin bound for driveways
resin bound for driveway ireland
resin bound for driveway ireland

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Our Costs per m2

The cost of installing resin carpets can vary significantly due to the unique nature of each project. At Vaidas Top Coatings we charge from 80 to 120 euros per square meter. Simply contact us to get an estimated quote.

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Since 2013, we have been offering expert resin bound application services in Ireland and surrounding areas. Over these years, we aim to demonstrate our exceptional craftsmanship in installing resin flooring.

Choose From Over 40+ Resin Bound Colours

Since 2013, we have been offering expert resin bound application services in Ireland and surrounding areas. Over these years, we aim to demonstrate our exceptional craftsmanship in installing resin flooring.

Resin Bound Specifications and Advantages

resin bound specifications and advantages
resin bound specifications and advantages

The depth of the resin bound carpet ranges from 10 to 25 mm, depending on the size of the stones and the expected load. With hand-applied stone carpet, we can create any shape or pattern according to your preference.

A specialised outdoor surface called stone carpets for exterior (S.C.E), made with resin-bonded aggregate, was developed specifically for outdoor spaces. These customisable flooring options for outdoor areas provide an alternative to traditional materials like asphalt, concrete, or gravel.

They come in natural gravel or marble finishes. One essential feature of our resin is flexibility. Its components can expand and contract in any climate after drying, preventing the exterior floor from cracking and extending its lifespan (from 15 to 25 years or even longer with regular care and maintenance).

  • Needs minimal maintenance

  • Simple to clean

  • UV resistant

  • Smooth and continuous

  • Resistant to moss and weed growth

  • Prevents cracks

  • Permeable

  • Slip-resistant

  • Resistant to frost

Resin Bound FAQ's

Is weed growth a concern for resin driveways?

The lifespan of a resin bound varies based on factors like resin type, application conditions, and maintenance. High-quality resins can last several years without degradation, while others may deteriorate in a few months.

At Vaidas Top Coatings products can last from 15 - 20 years or longer, feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between resin bond and resin bound?

Resin bond and resin bound are distinct paving systems. Resin bond scatters resin on a surface and loose aggregate on top, creating a textured finish but not permeable. Resin bound mixes resin and aggregate before application, forming a smooth, permeable surface.

Resin is more durable and low-maintenance, compliant with drainage regulations, while resin bond may require more upkeep due to loose stones. The choice depends on project needs, aesthetics, budget, and maintenance concerns.

How long does resin bonded last?

Weed growth in resin driveways is a concern, influenced by installation quality. A well-installed driveway with a solid sub-base and weed-resistant resin additive reduces weed growth chances. However, weeds can still appear in gaps or cracks due to wear.

Regular maintenance like sweeping, power washing, and occasional weed killer or sealant application helps mitigate the issue, ensuring the driveway's longevity.

Pressure washers are commonly used for cleaning, but caution is crucial when using them on resin bound surfaces. These surfaces are durable but can be damaged by high pressure.

To ensure safety, use a lower pressure setting, maintain a safe distance, and angle the water appropriately. Consider the type of dirt; light dirt may need simple rinsing, while stubborn stains may require a suitable cleaning solution with the pressure washer. While generally safe, it's vital to follow guidelines and consult professionals if unsure.

Is it safe to use a pressure washer on a resin bound surface?

What is the annual maintenance cost for a resin bound surface?

Annual maintenance expenses for resin surfaces in Ireland fluctuate based on factors like size and resin quality. Typically ranging from €80 to €400, these costs cover cleaning and minor repairs. Variations exist; high traffic or superior resin may impact expenses. Despite this, many appreciate the surface's aesthetics, durability, and easy maintenance in Ireland's specific conditions.

How to order resin bound services?

Simply contact us and we will respond within 24-hours providing the most affordable estimate that you can imagine.